Thursday, 26 July 2012

How to Install any Linux Mint desktop on Ubuntu

There is always a problem with lot of us to choose between Linux Mint and Ubuntu ,which is better I personally like UI of Linux Mint and Ubuntu both .Those Mint  guys make lot of efforts in putting it together. I like both so I made a tutorial on how to install any Linux Mint desktop whether XFCE,KDE,LXDE MATE,CINNAMON on ubuntu .Here are the steps.
Caution: Your personal settings of a desktop environment can be lost after these steps.

Step 1
Open Terminal type in commands
sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
Add following line to end of file
deb <MintCodename> main upstream import
(Here mintCodename is that Linux mint version Codename based on your version of Ubuntu for example :Mintcodename is "maya" for Ubuntu 12.04 ,lisa for Ubuntu 11.10, katya for Ubuntu 11.04 & so on...)
In my case for Ubuntu 12.04 src line is 
deb maya main upstream import
Save your file and close
Step 2
type in terminal
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linuxmint-keyring

Step 3
type in terminal
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mint-meta-<DE>
(Here DE is desktop environment ie kde,lxde,mate or cinnamon )
sudo apt-get install mintmenu 
(only for mate Desktop).
Step 4
After installation logout and login to your favorite DE from login screen



  1. First let me just say that I am fairly new to Linux in general. But I've tried a few different distros briefly and liked using Linux Mint. I was rebuilding my computer and decided to install Ubuntu Studo 12.04.1 for music production purposes, but I also wanted Linux Mint 13 (Maya) XFCE and was having a hard time choosing between them. After reading your webpage I thought I found the solution. I'd install Ubuntu Studio and then install the Linux Mint 13 desktop by following your instructions. So I followed the steps carefully and it seemed as though it was working since I saw things happening in the Terminal window. I logged off and restarted my computer - logged in and there was no difference. But I saw there were new updates which needed to be installed, one of which said Linux Mint. I installed the updates then restared my computer and logged in again, and there was absolutely no change at all. Everything looks exactly the same, including the menu and desktop. Perhaps you can help me by telling me what went wrong. Why didn't this work? Any ideas? Could it have something to do with me using Ubuntu Studio instead of regular Ubuntu? I'm wondering why there wasn't a single change anywhere at all. Please keep in mind I'm new to linux so any instructions or information you would offer would have to be very detailed. Hope you can help. Thanks.

    1. at login screen you should select xfce by clicking gear icon... check and reply..

  2. I have been using Unity Desktop ever since it was introduced in Ubuntu. I found Unity Desktop inconvenient to use. If I wish to look for some installed application, I need to remember its name. Else, I have to make many mouse clicks to use filters. Even then it has been inconvenient.

    On one system I installed LinuxMint13 from scratch and I found it convenient.

    For my laptop which was already running Ubuntu 12.04, I had my data and downloads etc. So I wanted an update.

    Your tutorial worked. Thanks a lot.