Sunday, 14 April 2013

Best Tools to make USB Drive Bootable

Many of  us today don't make use of the CD/DVD drive .Nowadays almost every operating system is installable through USB Drive.Operating Systems like Linux,Microsoft Windows and maybe Apple Mac OS X too.In fact Microsoft has came up with its utility to make install isos bootable named           Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool which makes windows 7 and windows 8 isos bootable on usb.
In My use of Linux distributions I came across some USB tools that enable us to makes Install iso bootable. Unfortunately most of them are for windows. Here are some of them.

1.Rufus(Windows) - My personal favourite, my new love interest. Its a tool that can boot any operating system and is more faster than its competitors .It looks pretty similar to windows disk format utility.It makes any iso bootable inclusive windows,android-x86. I am surprised that application is very small about few kilobytes and yet so powerful.

This utility by boots almost every operating system. It is great tool as it allows you to multiboot usb drive with multiple operating system in combinations like windows and linux etc.
 3.UNetBootin(Linux,Windows,Mac OS X)
The mostly used tool by geeks,adminstrators and many of them. The most important thing about it that it is supported cross platform and open source.
Most people use it for installing Ubuntu OS.
4.LiLi USB Creator (Windows).
The Linux Live Usb Creator aka LiLi is yet another great open source utility supporting only linux distros. It stands out from others as it allows to boot into linux within windows using portable version of Virtualbox.

It awesome tool where it mutliboots usb ,most amazing part of it is it allows you to make multiboot iso image that you can later on write on a DVD if you want too.I don't like about this utility is that its adware installs toolbar if you are not careful while installing.

Another USB Multiboot Utility similar to SARDU it can create multiboot isos and mutiboot usb.This tool also allows you to test iso/usb in Virtual Environment QEMU after creating it.Problem with it is that its in development since July 2011 its not final version its in  beta , so it may have bugs in it.

List can be never ending .In the future I may add few more like RmPrepUSB which I am currently testing . I may add more tools to the list when I came across them. 

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