Sunday, 2 June 2013

How to Remove Linux Mint or Ubuntu from Windows 8 Dual Boot System

I recently bought a new Lenovo laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed on it. I tried installing Ubuntu 13.04 and Linux Mint 15 and was successful installing it but I was not able to boot into Windows 8.So without any option  I have to remove them.So I am writing this tutorial on how to remove them from hard disk and boot menu.

Follow these Steps Carefully (assuming Secure Boot is disabled)

Step 1: Run Disk management
In Windows 8 go to start or presskey on your keyboard and 
type "disk management" and click "Create and Format hard disk partitions"
Click on "Create and format Hard disk partitions" to Open Windows Disk Manager
Step 2: Delete Linux partitions
  Now in Disk management delete both linux partition i.e swap and / of filesystem  ext4 

Step 3: Gain HDD space extend disk (optional)
 Extend the adjacent windows partition to gain freespace that  you just created after deleting the linux partitions.

Step 4 :Remove ubuntu or linuxmint entries from Bios Boot Menu
Reboot system . You may get error after rebooting stating 
error partition not found 
grub rescue>

Don't panic reboot your system in to the Bios setup and change the boot order to this.

Due to new UEFI boot systems ubuntu and linuxmint both menu entriesare added to Bios Boot menu.You can remove them, to do that follow next steps

Step 4.1
Insert Ubuntu live CD or Ubuntu Bootable USB .Restart and boot into ubuntu live session.
Step 4.2
Open Terminal and type
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install efibootmgr

Step 4.3
Don’t close terminal type following cmds to remove bios boot menu entry.
sudo efibootmgr
you will able to see different menu entries.Look for menu entry with name ”ubuntu” or “linuxmint” and see last number or character before * sign next to boot name.
for example: my bios boot menu entries were
Boot000A* ubuntu
Boot0009* linuxmint

Type in terminal to remove these entries
sudo efibootmgr –b  9  –B
    (for me it is 9 for you it can be any other  number)

sudo efibootmgr  -b  A  –B
(for me it is 9 for you it can be any other  number)

Done . Hooray !!   :)
type sudo efibootmgr in terminal to crosscheck.
If you don't see the entries ubuntu or linuxmint  you have successfully removed them  from boot menu .

If you want remove ubuntu or linuxmint from Windows 7 Dual Boot read this blogpost.

If you have queries please feel free to comment !! 

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