Friday, 5 July 2013

Best Websites For Linux Users

To get to know about any Linux Distributions you may need to good websites providing you tutorials , news,app reviews,ppas etc. Here are some of my favourites websites.
To get Linux Distributions ISO images other than respective websites or

Dualboot Ubuntu or Linux Mint with Windows 8 UEFI

With New Windows 8 UEFI System you won't be easily dualboot linux with Windows 8.Windows 8 UEFI has secureboot that prevents  other operating systems to boot. As far as my experience with GRUB and GRUB 2 they are not able to detect windows bootloader .So you may not be able to boot into Windows 8 after Installing Linux Mint 15 or Ubuntu 13.04.
Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS and Ubuntu 13.04 have support for UEFI.Linux Mint 15 which is derivative of Ubuntu 13.04 have this functionality too.
So now solve this problem follow the steps.
Ubuntu 12.04.2/Ubuntu 13.04 Live CD ISO
Linux Mint 15 ISO