Sunday, 29 September 2013

Install Applications easily on newly installed Fedora 19 / Fedora 18

A fedora release comes out and you might want to try out. After Installing new fedora you will want to install necessary apps for daily use.If you are newcomer to fedora system you may have problem installing them.Also some tweaks and configurations will help you in some tasks.I have came across some apps or scripts which help you install multimedia, browser plugins and graphics drivers.Here's list 
This is my personal favourite and covers everything installing codecs,fonts,plugins,necessary apps.

Fedora Utils lets you install codecs and additional software that Fedora doesn't want to ship, like MP3 codecs, Adobe Flash, Oracle Java etc. It can also fix problems, tweak and cleanup your system, show system information and much more with just few clicks.

To Install fedora-utils follow these steps
Download repo file from here and copy to /etc/yum.repos.d/
After that type in terminal
yum install fedorautils

easyLife allows new and even experienced users to install and configure software on Fedora, just by clicking. It's simple and clean. Among others, these are some of easyLife features:
Sets "sudo" command up for your regular user; Configures RPMFusion repository for extra and non-free software; Installs Flash Player plugin; Installs all kinds of Codecs (h264,divx,xvid,mp3 etc); Installs nvidia and ati drivers; Installs Skype; Installs Sun Java and Sun Java Plugin for Firefox; Integrates Sun Java with system-switch-java; And many others...

To Install Easylife follow steps
Download rpm file from
and type in terminal
yum localinstall easylife-4.0-2.noarch.rpm

Autoplus is similar to Easylife actually they both conflict each other you cannot both of them on same system at a time
Autoplus is a Installer script to install multimedia, browser plugins and graphics drivers.

to install autoplus create following autoplus.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/
[rpm-sphere] name=RPM Sphere baseurl= gpgkey= enabled=1 gpgcheck=1

and type in terminal
yum install autoplus

These apps or installer scripts will help you install codecs ,plugins easily.

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