Saturday, 23 November 2013

Auto Mount NTFS Problem with Windows 8.1 DualBoot Linux

Windows 8.1 was recently released for public.I updated my Windows 8 laptop to Windows 8.1 last week . After updating to Windows 8.1 and booting into Ubuntu, I tried mounting my windows data partition of NTFS and got this error.
Error due Windows 8.1

Error was due to Windows 8.1 feature of fast startup which allows ntfs partitions to mount only in read only mode.To resolve this issue you have to disable fast startup from Windows 8.1.
So first boot into Windows 8.1 

Step 1 Go to Control Panel -> Power Options

Power Options
Step 2 Click option "Choose what power buttons do

Step 3 Click option " Change settings that are currently unavailable"

Change Fast StartUp Status

Step 4 Uncheck option "Turn on Fast Startup".

Its done and you can mount ntfs partitions automatically like earlier.

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