Saturday, 23 November 2013

Install and Run Google Chrome as Root in Cent OS 6.1/6.2/6.3

At my office I use Cent OS 6.2 x86_64 . I am not a big fan of Mozilla Firefox no offences. I personally favour using Chrome as my default web browser. Even though Firefox is open source and is readily available through default repositories of most Linux distributions , it is bit on slower side unlike Chrome which is faster but has issues of installing on most distributions . 
First of all I started installing Chrome the usual way of adding repos of Google chrome but I failed as latest version of Chrome has issues with centos 6.2.
So I downloaded specific Chrome version that is compatible for this version of OS from myrpms (el6 rpm of chrome).After installing Chrome rpm( rpm -ivh google-chrome-stable....).

 I was not able to run Google Chrome from app menu as it said "Google chrome cannot be run as root, user dir not found!!!!!" 

So after  extensive googling about this issue. I found a solution and want it to share with you. Here are the steps .

Step 1

Download Google Chrome specific for  Cent OS 6.x/ RHEL 6.x.

Step 2 

Install Google Chrome via terminal
rpm -ivh google-chrome-stable-25.0.1364.172-187217.x86_64.rpm

Step 3
To run Google Chrome as Root
Edit file /usr/bin/google-chrome append "--user-dir" to last line and save it .

Hooray!!!  Its done you can enjoy web browsing using Google Chrome on 
Cent OS/ RHEL..

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