Sunday, 23 February 2014

Download Or Upgrade Debian ISO files using Jigdo

Jigsaw Download(Jigdo) is a tool to download necessary pieces of data to reconstruct the Large file.
Jigdo is mostly used to download Debian ISO Files from different mirrors.

Jigdo is similiar to Zsync utility.Zsync performs the same task of Upgrading Ubuntu ISO to latest released version.The only difference between Zsync and Jigdo is that Jigdo is supported on FTP and HTTP both while Zsync is supported only on HTTP.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Best Web Browsers for Android

Many of us use web browser for surfing the internet on computer , smartphone etc.
On Android Device there is default browser which does fine job for normal browsing.
Many of you might ask why do you need a web browser on android device as many web services , social networking websites have apps for almost all smartphone operating systems.

But still when it comes to casual browsing to advanced browsing we need a good web browser.In this list I have not included Chrome Browser or Firefox which are equally good but are memory-hungry apps that's why not included as for these you may need to always clear cache.