Sunday, 16 February 2014

Best Web Browsers for Android

Many of us use web browser for surfing the internet on computer , smartphone etc.
On Android Device there is default browser which does fine job for normal browsing.
Many of you might ask why do you need a web browser on android device as many web services , social networking websites have apps for almost all smartphone operating systems.

But still when it comes to casual browsing to advanced browsing we need a good web browser.In this list I have not included Chrome Browser or Firefox which are equally good but are memory-hungry apps that's why not included as for these you may need to always clear cache.

Here is list of my favorite web browsers

1.Dolphin Browser
Its lightweight browser compared to browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox which are very memory hungry .Now with Dolphin Jetpack you can browse fast having support for flash.The browser has gesture support which allows you to create custom gesture for different browser actions.You have large collection of Useful Addons to choose from which any other browser lacks.My favorite being dropbox and evernote.It has also a Mini version known as Dolphin Browser Mini for low memory devices,and 
also it has version of private browser named
Dolphin Zero which doesn't save browsing history and cache.                           

2.Next Browser by Go Launcher

It is great browser which has similar features to Maxthon Browser.Next browser has good UI with features private browsing ,RSS feeds, night mode and desktop mode.Next browser have good collection of addons some them being screenshot taker, pocket addon,pdf maker, evernote addon,QR code etc.

3.Maxthon Web Browser
It is also a light weight browser with great browsing speed.Maxthon provides some good features like cloud sync, night mode, private browsing etc.With cloud sync you can keep you browser bookmarks, links with Maxthon for pc, tablet and phone .Newsbites gives you all news related entertainment,technology sports lifestyle and economy to your homepage. It has also good collection of addons increase your productivity like File Manager,Screenshot taker,RSS Reader Bookmark backup etc.

4.Opera Browser for Android 
Opera Browser for Android is worth mentioning when browsing net as fast speed.Off Road feature is excellent feature to save data and money by optimizing the web page content.But Browser cache increases day by day as you go on browsing.You may always need clear cache as the browser memory size goes on increasing.Opera Mini is lightest browser app that can be used on low memory android devices

5.Boat Browser
Boat browser is great competitor to Dolphin Browser .It has all features like floating tab ,Screenshot.Also good collection of themes and addons .Boat browser has also mini version for low memory devices.Downside is the browser is free but not AD-free.You may have access to features only after purchasing the PRO version.

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