Sunday, 23 February 2014

Download Or Upgrade Debian ISO files using Jigdo

Jigsaw Download(Jigdo) is a tool to download necessary pieces of data to reconstruct the Large file.
Jigdo is mostly used to download Debian ISO Files from different mirrors.

Jigdo is similiar to Zsync utility.Zsync performs the same task of Upgrading Ubuntu ISO to latest released version.The only difference between Zsync and Jigdo is that Jigdo is supported on FTP and HTTP both while Zsync is supported only on HTTP.

Most of the Linux Distributions come up with new releases every half a year.
Actually I think every Linux distribution should support downloading ISOs via zsync or jigdo. Surprisingly Fedora and Redhat Enterprise Linux  doesn't support downloading Install ISOs like Debian and Ubuntu.
Anyways lets move to tutorial
To use jigdo utility you first need the Jigdo-file package installed.

on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install jigdo-file

on Debian
sudo aptitude install jigdo-file

on Fedora/CentOS [you need EPEL repo]
yum install jigdo

Now to download ISO using Jigdo

  jigdo-lite debian-7.4.0-amd64-DVD-1.jigdo

or using url



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