Monday, 17 March 2014

How to Create Bootable USB Of Fedora/CentOS Install DVD

In yesteryears we were using CD/DVD for installing Linux Distributions.
We had common problem of these Optical Discs getting scratches as we use it multiple times.This may result in corrupted installations and later making CD/DVD unbootable as shelf life of Nowadays as we know most of Linux Distros Live ISO image are bootable from USB Drives.Earlier I have wrote an article on Best Tools to make USB Drive Bootable.

Most of New releases of Major Linux Distributions recommend installation from USB drive.Even Ubuntu now has ISO images greater than 700MB which is size of Compact Disc CD.
Eventhough there is still need of DVDs  for installing DVD images of CentOS and Fedora.As these images are RAW they may not be made bootable with same utility that make Live ISO images bootable.
Booting Install DVD image from USB easy if it is hybrid iso image just by  using DD command.
In Windows you can use Rawrite32 utility to direct write Install DVD images which are ~4GB in size.
Obviously you need USB drive of greater than 4GB.
I have used here a 16GB USB Drive. for writing Fedora 20 DVD image .
Caution: Use empty USB Drive to prevent loss of data.

  1. Install the rawrite32 setup
  2. Open rawrite32 and click Open button
  3. Select ISO image (set file filter as All files(*.*)) here   I have used Fedora 20 x86_64 Install DVD iso
  4. At first it will show hashes MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 checksums
  5. Click "Write to Disk" button start writing process.
  6. After the process complete you will confirmation with all hashes.

You can also SUSE Studio Image Writer to write Install DVD images to USB Drive,here you have to rename file extension .ISO to .RAW in order to select the image to write to USB.
Installation of Fedora 20 was fast as I saved so much time compared to installing from Optical Disc.

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