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How to increase app storage [data partition] on MediaTek MTK6589 devices.

Apps apps and apps.Any android device cannot be imagined without apps.Apps make an operating system powerful ,usable and durable.

If there are no apps available for an operating system there is less possibility that it will last long and will be widely accepted by  end users.

As you go on installing  more and more apps there is possibility that your app storage may run out of space.

Many of the Android Devices  which come with expandable storage of 32 GB or 64 Gb have internal ROM of 4gb,8gb or 16gb.

This internal rom is divided accordingly
  • System partition [/system] : Approx. 1.5gb  this where your android os resides,
  • Data partition [/data] Approx. 1-1.5gb   here apps that you  install from play store occupy this space
  • Internal Sdcard Rest of space is allocated to here for storing your photos,music and videos
But as we most of us use External Sdcard for storing photos ,music and videos this internal sd card may not be used by most of us and is mostly free.

Keeping this in mind most of the android manufacturer have started providing more space for apps and less  space  for internal sdcard.

But if your android device has internal memory for apps less like  1 GB

Internal Storage for apps in most of the devices which is 1gb is insufficient.

It is possible to increase apps storage of your android device  and decrease internal sdcard space such that you no more need apps like Link2SD or App2SD or need to move app to sdcard to save space

Following is tutorial to do that for MTK 6589 devices only

NOTE: Make sure that you backup your phone using Apps like Titanium Backup as this process will reset your device as we are re-partitioning the device.
  1. Download and Install Partition Table app from Play Store to know your disk partition mount points and size.

2. Download Hex Editor  and your Device Stock Rom.

3. Open the EBR1 and EBR2 from your stock rom files in the Hex Editor.

and look for value at position 000001E0,0C 
here in my case the value was 0x20 that is 32 in decimal .My app storage is 1gb and i want to increase it by 1gb .Increasing value by 1 in tens place increases space by 512mb so I increased it by 2  such that my tweaked value became x40 that is 64 in decimal.

3.Similarly you need to make change in EBR2 .Increase value in tens place by 1  at 0000001C0,08 and decrease value in units place by 1 at 0000001C0,0C

 In my case I will increase the value by 2  extending data partition by 
1gb (2x 512mb) and decrease value by 2 shrink internal sdcard by 1gb (2x 512mb).

So my  EBR2 values at 0000001C0,08 was x3D that is 61 decimal changed to x5D that is 93 decimal.
and  value at 0000001C0,0C was xC0 that is 192 decimal changed to xBE that is 190 in decimal

4.Save This files and flash them to device using SP Flash Tool
Open the scatter file from your stock rom uncheck all and select only EBR1 and EBR2 files which you have modified.

Restart Your Device and Voila!! Your app storage is increased and internal sdcard decreased.

Phone Storage For apps

                  Before                                                After

Internal SD card

                   Before                                                 After

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