Sunday, 13 July 2014

Install KDE Connect android smartphone integration in Ubuntu / OpenSUSE

KDE desktop has been great alternative to Gnome desktop. KDE desktop can be for those which are more comfortable with Windows 7 style interface. 
KDE desktop  has not changed 
drastically like GNOME Desktop. 

KDE plasma desktop is eye candy customizable desktop interface which changes according the device it is being used on like tablet , netbooks or PC.
This is the same thing which now Ubuntu and Windows are now implementing in their respective releases.

RHEL 7 free alternative CentOS 7 released

CentOS 7 released this week which is based  on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 which was released few weeks ago with a great new features .
RHEL 7 released last month on 10 June 2014 four years of it previous release RHEL 6 in November 2010.
RHEL 7 will be supported for next 10 years until June 2024.
Red hat Enterprise linux or CentOS are mostly deployed and used on Servers than your desktops because of its stability durability and support.
RHEL is not totally free unlike CentOS for continuing getting Updates on RHEL you need to shell out some bucks while CentOS is completely free and community supported linux distribution.