Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Install Windows 10 Tech Preview Dual Boot Without Partitioning the Hard Drive (VHD)

Windows recently announced new Public Beta  release the Windows 10 Tech Preview.

Windows 10 is the next major release of Microsoft Windows Operating System lined up for this year 2015.

After Windows 8 mishap Microsoft are banking upon the Windows 10 release which they claim as "Best Windows OS Yet" to regain some space in Market.
MS Windows 10 will be first Windows OS which will be having same interface across all Devices such smartphone ,tablet and Desktop PC.

Following are Windows 10 Key features.

  • MS Windows 10 marks the come back of the Start Menu which every one of us missed in Windows 8/8.1.
  • Multiple Desktop Work-spaces
  • Snap Enhancements with no charms bar.
  • Updated Command Prompt with Modern UI.
  • Universal Apps which run on all  the devices.
  • Enterprise features such as Virtual Desktop.
  • Improved Microsoft Windows Store.
Microsoft Windows 10 will available for free to all Windows 7/8/8.1 Licensed Users for period of year after that you will have to pay $$ to Microsoft continue using Operating System
To try out this Windows 10 Tech preview without the partitioning hard drive using VHD fille to easily test the OS on your full hardware System  

Follow the steps below.
Ingredients Required.

  1. Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO Download it From here.
  2. MS Power Shell Script to install Windows Image from here.
  3. Hard disk space of minimum 30 GB.
  4. Virtual DVD Drive or ISO Mounting Application .(I have used Daemon Tools Lite).
  5. and basics of Disk management.
Step 1

Open Run Prompt by pressing "Win + R" at once and Type

Step 2
Select the Disk which has 30 GB free disk space 
Go to Menu -->Actions --> Create VHD
Create a VHD (Virtual Hard Drive) file of about 30 GB in the Drive where you have selected.
Right-Click on the disk dive and and Click Initialize to create partiton MBR or GPT appropriate to your current partitioning scheme and 
Format it To NTFS File system.

Alternatively you can do this using cmd prompt running under Administrator privileges.

DISKPART>create vdisk file=<path-for-vhd-file> maximum 30000
DISKPART>select vdisk file=<path-of-vhd-file>
DISKPART>attach vdisk
DISKPART> format fs=ntfs quick label=”Windows 10”

Step 3 

Mount the Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO using any ISO Mount Application.

Step 4 

Open Microsoft Power Shell as Administrator from Start Menu.
Type following commands
> cd <path-where-downloaded-the-power-Shell-Script>
> .\Install-WindowsImage.ps1 –WIM  I:\Sources\Install.wim –Apply –Index 1 –Destination F:\

This will take time approx. 10 to 15 mins depending on your HDD write speed.

Here  it is assumed I:\ contains the Windows 10 Tech Preview ISO Mounted
And F:\ is VHD Drive of 30 GB.

Step 5

To Boot into the VHD you will require boot entry
Open CMD prompt as Administrator and type the following
bcdboot.exe  F:\Windows
where F: is VHD drive on which we have installed Windows 10 as mentioned above.

Reboot and try the new Windows 10 Tech Preview. 

You can later remove the VHD file by Detaching the Drive from Disk Management and Deleting Boot Entry using EasyBCD.